Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

So I took my English test today, and the questions that I made were the first set (out of 4 sets). Too bad I didn't know the answers to the questions when I made them. :P I made them to be like the ones we're normally assigned - in other words, I made them so that I couldn't get them and there were a couple answers that fit. :P

It was so much fun to argue about federally-funded stem cell research in Government today. I'm arguing against it, by the way - which is likely shocking to anybody that knows me. But one of the sponsors started talking about how we were down to 12 usable lines of stem cells instead of 60 since they cut government funding and how that's the same as limiting a mathematician to working with numbers no larger than 10, and so at that point I decided that I'd do the best to kill that bill. Turns out I found something that I agree with - I'm all for stem cell research, but I don't think that it should be government funded. (I've found through this mock Congress that I think the government does too much - it shouldn't be supporting people, in my opinion.)

I swear, when she's going to the fence/rifle partner set, Emily looks like she's breaking out of prison. It's the funniest thing!

I taught myself a new flag toss. Actually, I'm pretty sure I stole it from other guards we saw, but still. :P It felt like it looked like crap, so I asked Mr. McWilliams to make it look cool, and he did, so now I have an awesome toss that's awesome and stuff. And only Jessica and I know it - I showed her cuz she was practicing the original one with me when we were supposed to be doing other stuff. Other Jessica (annoying Jessica) wanted to learn it, but we didn't teach it to her.

Turns out we're not going to Raleigh this Saturday (though we are having practice), so I can still work. Awesomeness. :D

I bought a little bonsai tree kit yesterday; gonna see how that goes. Don't think I have time to tend it, but oh well. :P
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