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I got fed up with waiting for the guy to call me back [what kind of business runs on the principle, "No, I don't think I'll call him back; I don't want the money he's trying to throw into my face." I mean, seriously!], and I didn't have much time to call him, so I just gave Mr. Mitchell the rest of his gift without the custom flags (though, I might still get them later in the year, if I can find a company to contact directly and deal with). He seemed to enjoy going through it. :) He seemed to like the chocolate bar I brought him from France as well. :D (Yesyes, Chelsea, I'm sending you your stuff soon - I just gotta find time to get to a post office or UPS Store when it's open.)

So Guard practice went well, and it turns out that I didn't really miss much. However, I'm not going to be there tomorrow because I'll be working, so that might suck a lot. There's the possibility that we'll be learning the end of the show tomorrow, since we have a competition on Saturday. But we'll have a decent practice Saturday before the competition, so that might work out okay. :)
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