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The hotel my parents got us ended up being about half a block from the red light district - strip clubs, peep shows, freaking tons of sex shops. And they keep saying that this is my trip for my 18th birthday. My parents love me.

At dinner, I did not eat all that much, and Mom said I would be hungry, so I said, "I have got money - if I get hungry, I will go to a strip club, get some food, and enjoy the entertainment." Mom was like, "Uhh?!" and Dad was like, "Right on!"

Mom tells the best stories. The moral of this one - beat people up and you get lots of stuff. (Read further down for why I will not clarify at the moment - hard to type.)

Online time is really cheap - though nothing else is - so I am on, but the keyboard is screwey, which is really annoying - and it is only some of the keys, so I can still kind of type normally. It is horrible! (Cannot find the apostrophe.)

And, on a final note, the guy beside me is looking at gay porn, which is slightly distracting. And I just heard my Mother's cough behind me, which is slightly disconcerting, considering. (Woo, found the apostrophe!)
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