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Jeff and Katie broke up. I didn't see that coming at all; they weren't together for very long. That saddens me more than you might think - I don't like the thought of Jeff crying, not in the least, and it brings to mind the other two PH-G relationships as well. Sad day.

I'll see you tomorrow, Jeff...

I hate how things don't work out. High school is such a crappy time, relationship-wise. In the good old days, when we didn't have access to many people nor much entertainment, we would likely be married by now, and even if there were problems, we'd sort through them and learn to keep loving each other and stay together no matter what. Now, everything passes so very quickly.. Is it even worth bothering, for that eye-blink of a relationship? At least friendships last a little longer, until you change and things change and those end, too. *sigh*

I'm unhappy with the situation of things at the moment.
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