Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

You have achieved the Golden Mean! You are 36% pickup-able! You're like Jen. Do you know my friend Jen? You're just like her—she's like this cool girl who's attractive and funny. I should call Jen. Or maybe you're like my friend Steve. Regardless, you like to flirt, but not with ugly people. And when you lock eyes with the right person, you know how to turn the sparks into a towering inferno. But sometimes you won't give people the time of day, which is mean when they really just need to know what time it is. In general, make sure you smell good.


people more pickup-able than you (66%)
people just as pickup-able as you (3%)
people less pickup-able than you (29%)

Based on the 1,790,362 submissions before you.

Your results have been tabulated, and your IQ is...

That's above average. Here's how you compare to the other people your age who've taken the IQ test:

people dumber than you (84%)
people as smart as you (1%)
people smarter than you (15%)

(based on 2,422,407 total submits)

Your total time was: 17 minutes and 40 seconds.
The average person like you takes 26:11.
The highest score recorded by someone your age is 215.
At your age, girls are stupider than boys.
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