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For lack of anything else to do...

1.Have you ever been in love? Theoretically.
2.How do you know it's love? How do you know it's not? HUH?!

... Uhh... ::shrug:: I think about them all the time; I can feel it in my heart; I worry about their opinion of me; I get depressed over every little thing; thinking about them makes me smile, and they can say just a little bit and make me incredibly happy. And stuff.
3.What makes you fall in love? Looks, personality, a little response to some *innocent* flirting. ^^-
4.What if your girlfriend/boyfriend is a bad kisser? What if I'm a bad kisser? ::cries::
5.What turns you on (at 1st sight)? Uhh.. looks? o.0 I dunno. Nice hair, body, eyes.
6.Are you the jealous type? Yes, but I don't show it - I swallow it up and let it turn into a brooding, clouding depression.
7.Body or brains? Both. I like my women whole. (Hush, puppy.)
8.Do looks matter? Of course. Everything matters.
9.What turns you off? Non-intelligence, non-prettiness, extreme lack of tact, inability to get over arguments/anger quickly.. I dunno. Lots and lots of stuff. It's hard NOT to turn me off. o.0

Oh yeah. Drugs. Any drug use - smoking, alcohol, anything.
10.The perfect date? Ch.. uhh.. I dunno. >.>;;;

*Shrug* Funniness, sweetness.. few close friends.
11.What do you have that will make a person fall for you? A wicked sense of humor and a sharp (ow! it cuts!) intelligence.
12.Do you still believe in courtship? Definitely. There are few things more fun than courting a girl. I absolutely love the subtle and not-so-subtle flirting and the blushing that results; I love the feeling I get when I get a little reaction; I love making people feel good. I absolutely love courtship; it is noble. There is no lust in courtship - only courting.
13.Flowers or chocolates? Flowers. Pretty.
14.Kiss on the first date? If I can. ;)
15.Sex on the first date? "If they bring a doctor's note saying they're clean."

No, not likely.
16.What would you do if you find out that your girlfriend/ boyfriend is cheating on you? Theoretically, dump them on the spot. Then go home and cry and cry and cry...
17.Have you ever cheated on someone? Theoretically, no.
18.Fling or long term relationship? Long term relationship. Definitely.
19.What do you think of holding hands in public? I don't, but nothing wrong with that, though it can get tough with the walking with people around thing going on..
20.What do you think of kissing in public? Fun. As long as it's not overdone. There's a fine line.
21.What if your girlfriend/boyfriend is a smoker? As I said before, they're not.
22.Ever fallen in love with a friend of the same sex? No, I haven't.
23.What would a girl/guy have to do to win your heart? Exist, be a good and pretty person. Like me a bit, in some way.

x. [Wallet] On the floor over there. ::points:: Black leather.
x. [Hairbrush] Marble pink and blue pastel.
x. [Toothbrush] Uhh.. Reach pink and white? Maybe.
x. [Jewelry worn daily] Watch. Used to wear a necklace, but that went to a better place.
x. [Blanket] It's got a cover that my grandfather sewed for me around it.. I miss my grandpa. He was the best person I've ever known.
x. [Facewash] Water?
x. [Coffee cup] TEA! TEA, DAMMIT! >_<
x. [Sunglasses] Prescription. In my car. Awesome.
x. [Underwear] Dark boxers.
x. [Shoes] Black and velcro.
x. [Favorite shirt] Hmm. Probably my Talon shirt.
x. [Favorite pants] Uhm.. none? They're just pants.
x. [CD in stereo right now] Theoretically, Aquamarine by Aqua.
x. [Tattoos] People with tattoos need to die. (Uhh, I'm pretty much as strongly against tattoos as I am against drinking.)
x. [Piercings] None. Not big on piercings either. Ya know, I'm not really big on anything that involves fucking with your body. Unless, you know, it's fucking, with your body. In which case, I'm SO there! ;)
x. [What you are wearing now] >.> Boxers. Took a shower. >.>
x. [Do you believe in love] Theoretically.
x. [Do you believe in soul mates] Not as such.
x. [Do you believe in love at first sight] Lust, infatuation. Not love. Love requires more than a glance at a person.
x. [What do you want done with your body when you die?] I want it desecrated by lots of girls.

Actually, resurrection would be cool. (RESURRECTION, PEOPLE! GAH! >_< Now I wish I hadn't made that joke up there. >_<)
x. [What are you gonna do when you're older?] I don't honestly know. My dreams, hopes, goals are so extravagant that I have to put a lot of effort into believing that I'll be able to achieve them. So I don't know. I can hope, though.
x. [What band are you listening to now?] Aqua. Very awesome. People need to give them more of a chance. They are actually an awesome band.
x. [Look out your window...tell me what you see] A light. It's dark out there and light in here; I can't see a damn thing.
x. [If you could have any animal for a pet?] I dunno. Dragon? *shrug* Dragon would be cool.
x. [What is the longest you've ever stayed up?] 5 days? :P (Actually, there were naps in there, but not long ones; maybe an hour long. I was playing a frantic - with 15 minute turns, I couldn't afford sleep. I spent a full day in bed after that, though. :P)

Well, that blew half an hour. Yay! ¬.¬

edit: Greetings, confusoid. You scored a...

Is it a bird? A plane? Is it a boy? A girl? Is it love, or is it lust? Ah, you. You are that rare mix of sensitive and sensual, romantic and randy, pride and prejudice, etc. When you see your crush, you waffle like a Belgian, unsure of whether you'd rather paint their toes or suck on their toes. Poets have long been puzzled by your kind. You'll never fall for robots or nymphos, but you will suffer longs bouts of marriage.


people more loveable than you (80%)
people just as loveable as you (1%)
people less loveable than you (17%)

Based on the 2,796,326 submissions before you.

Wow, I'm not very loveable.. :P
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