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Mojokoko> phew... just jogged .6th of a mile
@SJr> Mojokoko is that 1 and 2/3 miles?
MarysKid> math not your major SJr?
@SJr> actually it is :)
MarysKid> LOL
MarysKid> um... OK
@SJr> that could mean 60% a mile, which would be wierd, or more accurately 1/.6
@SJr> which works out to 5/3
@SJr> since when someone says they jogged a 6th of a mile they jogged 1/6 miles, a 10th of a mile is 1/10 miles. So it strikes me that .6th of a mile is 1/.6
Mojokoko> bah...
Mojokoko> ill kick your mensa ass to alaska

mikeD> ya i got into a fight im so pissed....
abrutii> well... did you win?
mikeD> no but i got a good hit in
abrutii> ya? thats good, where did you hit him?
mikeD> i hit his hand with my eye
abrutii> lmfao

[02/03, 00:07] JimBob4554: Hey, the Russian on the main page of LJ translates to "Latest news"!
[02/03, 00:07] JimBob4554: :D
[02/03, 00:07] JimBob4554: I can reeeeeeead!

TheThree> your special?
Mj> you're
TheThree> sorry my grammer sucks
Mj> grammar
TheThree> as dose my spelling
Mj> does
TheThree> i give up
Mj> I

Clitlover> I am not into that.
Clitlover> How about roleplay?
Nikki21[woaHOTTY]> ok
Nikki21[woaHOTTY]> i'll be the dungeon master

Rain|BW> sbot jesus
Sbot> Jesus Saves! But Gretzky Rebounds, He Shoots, He Scores!
Rain|BW> tee-hee-hee
CrashCat> jesus saves souls and redeems them for valuable prizes at the ticket counter
gegi> Jesus saves, the rest of you take 5d20 damage.

@SwampGas> my whoroscope says i'm gonna get overcharged today

T_hibiki_> you catch your lady in bed with another man what do you do ?
tell him she has an STD
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