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"note: pv-san, you can't possibly understand lonely. i haven't seen living souls outside my family since LAST FRIDAY. <.< i think i'm going crazy."

"B[and much more important]) You show that you don't understand loneliness if you can escape it by being with people. When loneliness pervades you no matter if you're a hundred miles away from every other person on the planet or if you're surrounded by every one of your closest friends, then you can start talking. Until then, don't tell me what I can and can't "possibly understand." I can understand quite a bit more than most people on this planet (fact, not arrogance), and I get VERY snappy when people tell me things they fail to understand about me. So I'd appreciate it if you didn't do that again. Kthx."

I get a little pissy sometimes. Which is bad, because I'm much less effective at bashing people when I'm angry than when I'm cool and calm.


[01/29, 15:52] JimBob4554: Dude, I am so losing "friends" left and right.
[01/29, 15:52] BluCandyChan: ...
[01/29, 15:52] JimBob4554: Not any close friends, of course. My close friends have more sense than these people. ...Which is probably why I'm closer friends with them...
[01/29, 15:53] BluCandyChan: o_o
[01/29, 15:54] JimBob4554: Don't mind me; I'm just rambling because two people blew up at me and then took me off their friends' lists. People are so.. reactant. They can't reason or be calm. And "fuck you" is never an appropriate response.
[01/29, 15:54] JimBob4554: Not when profanity hasn't been used by the other side.
[01/29, 15:54] JimBob4554: And I'm not one to use profanity in a debate.
[01/29, 15:54] BluCandyChan: Mrr.
[01/29, 15:54] BluCandyChan: Some people r teh suk
[01/29, 15:55] JimBob4554: That sums it up nicely. :)
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