Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,


Alex just came home with my present. ^^;;; He got me some nice political books (such as the Federalist papers and the Anti-Federalist papers :P my gov't teacher should love that) and New Spring.. which I got on Friday. XP That was a great exchange.

"Hey Alex, still have the receipt?"
"You might want to return this; I already got it."
"Well, thanks for telling me, doofus! I wanted to read that. When'd you get it?"
"Friday, I think. And you're still not done with the tenth book."
"I finished it a while ago!"
"Well, thanks for returning them, doofus!"


Oh yeah, and school's now out for tomorrow. Mom got to watch them clicking through the presentation thingie that they make the channel on. :P

edit: K, gots my flowers from Daddy too. :)) (Okay, so I'm a freak and complained a couple years ago that Mommy got flowers and I didn't; deal with it. :P I like flowers.)
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