Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

Closed for Bassaam; he had to go to Fredericksburg (sp?), and I didn't have anything else pressing to do.. and I need the money. I won't work for at least a week. ;.; Stupid Guard.. ::Grumble mutter complain whine:: :P Got $28 for yesterday; finally, a decent tipshare again! Yey! :D Should do well for tonight as well.

Gonna go gaming tomorrow at Ben's. Gonna get a haircut before, and I'm gonna try to call people around noon to remind them that we're gaming; we need everyone there, otherwise we're gonna get r0xx0red. :P

Sorry for lack of time, all, but most of you are used to it by now. ;)

edit: Oh, and I run fine on an hour and a half of sleep. Not that I didn't know that already, but still good to have it reaffirmed after not doing it for so long.
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