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I am such a retard.

Yes, well, I just got home. And I'll be getting up at 7:30 (instead of 7:00 like I originally planned) to go to Guard from 9 to 1, then coming home and playing bartender, and then going to work from 5 to volume. GAH today's gonna be hell. But I won $35, which makes up for the $20 I lost last time and then some. It was lots of fun, and I came out first both games. It was pretty intense for the last hour, between Bobby and me.

Anyway, yeah, if you don't hear from me for the next couple days, it's because I'm completely swamped. I've got my day full today, then gonna pass out and sleep, then I got gaming tomorrow, and then Monday I got Guard from 1 to 6, then probably another hour before I get home so that we can fold the floor and whatnot, and then I'm going out to dinner with the family. x_x So.. yeah. And I gotta catch up on a week's worth of Japanese classes and do the homework. @#$% me.

edit: Oh yeah, (while I'm having trouble sleeping..) there was a whole day of stuff before that. I went to school, took my gov't (not nearly as bad as I feared), practiced for WG a bit with Pat, then went to Glory Days with Pat and Jeff. Dropped Jeff off at Curtis' house, then brought Pat back to mine and watched some of Nightmare Before Christmas before dropping her off (we need to finish watching that - she hasn't seen it for years! the horror!). Then.. did something.. I don't know what. I'm not sure if I actually did or not. But then I ate and went to work - worked until 12, then picked Jeff up and went to Bobby's, and the rest is covered above.

Now, back to trying to get to sleep. Down to an hour and a half of sleep, if I get to sleep now. Which isn't gonna happen. Ugh. I am so screwed..... >_
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