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So, my exam grades thus far:

Physics: 100
Calc: 93
Chorus: 91
Business Law: 99 or 100

Not bad. The Number Theory exam wasn't bad, though I know there's one I got wrong (hoping for partial credit), and if he gives a curve, I might do really well. :)

Went out for Chinese after with some people, and then went to game at Ben's. I r0xx0red my new character and got 800 extra experience. I'm lovin' my new character - it's workin' absolutely beautifully, and it fits me so very well. I'll probably make a Noble/Scoundrel next character (3 lvl Noble, 2 lvl Scoundrel - get the resources from Noble and the stuff from Scoundrel) and play a character like this, except better because I'll know what I'm doing and what I need. This character was kinda thrown together because I wasn't sure how to make it; as I use it, I'll see what I need and what I don't.

Aaand I'm off to eat. :D Even though I'm still not hungry; haven't been hungry all day (though I've eaten a lot). My throat is still scratchy, probably a bit worse, and it's not cool.

edit: Some retards don't know how to deal with the deaths of millions of people. Boo hoo, cry me a river. Then go drown yourself in it; you're worthless to society anyway.
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