Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

JBlade8915: excellent... mwu ha... wait... this is on the evil plan list, right?
JBlade8915: what do you mean no? Add it then!
Lone Gerbil: I got a memo saying to stop adding things.
JBlade8915: DAMN it!
Lone Gerbil: Well, after the hamster fiasco, the administration has decided to cut back on expansion.
JBlade8915: I told them, explosive hamsters were going to messy, but after the testing phase, the janitorial budget would go back down

[01/20, 16:55] MistressPyronide: but but little children are always like a want a hampster i want a hampster i want a hampster i want a hampster i want a hampsteri want a hampster i want a hampster all year and then they finnaly get one and they're like aaaw i love him, i finnaly have a hampster to love and cherish yaaaaaay i'll name him Lola and then boom! blood and guts everywhere
[01/20, 16:55] JimBob4554: "I'll name him Lola" o.@
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