Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

Slightly upset that I missed learning some stuff; granted, it's not likely to be in the show (though it might if other things fall through), but I still like learning stuff and knowing stuff and.... grah. I really, really wanna excel in Guard, but it's difficult. I'm good on flag, crappy on rifle, and haven't even tried saber. By the end of this year, I plan on getting a lot better on rifle (at the expense of Kendall's time and probably any shred of friendship we have since she's gonna hate me after working with me so much) and at least learning some saber.

I'm surprised Mr. Mitchell hasn't taken a flag/rifle to my head yet..


"[01/09, 22:06] [censored]: i had to tag along w/ [censored] so she could find her fucking drugie boyfriend who she hadnt met uin person till then. so i had to come point him out them tag along w/ his druggie friends while she and [censored] ditched us to go fuck in the dressing rooms.
[01/09, 22:08] JimBob4554: Yes. Well. I can see how that might upset someone. But hey, look at the silver lining - now you're talking to me!"

Never say I'm not arrogant! Heh..
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