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Riddle me this, riddle me that.

Work rocked! Yesterday was the slowest day since we opened (only took in like $1500) and today we got maybe double that. It was so awesome; I spent half the day telling riddles. :D Then Bobby and Jeff came over and we had dinner, and I just got home. Now I get to start on my shitload of homework. x_x

Oh, and guess who now owns Underworld? XDDDDDDDD!!!!!

edit: Practiced with Kendall after school for a bit over an hour; I improve a lot more when somebody is helping me (though I still suxx0r muchly, but my tosses are getting better; dropspins still sux).

moredit: Guess who needs to have an Underworld viewing soon! (Man, got work on Sun ... just realized I have a camp weekend this weekend. Crap. Guess this weekend's shot for just about everything.
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