Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

It's crap, but I'm done. (take two)

The world gives life, and life gives this to thee,
And with this gift take you a new relief
That thus with life and gift in hand you flee,
To wile away your life like shadowed thief.
But none can hide such beauty and devote
Their life enough to keep it all alive,
But as time pass and love do cease to float,
It must be free and live enough to thrive.
But you that steal and hide it all away,
To keep yourself and let it all to waste,
To you do I thus have the need to say:
Let live and set it free with all due haste.

Beauty must not be kept from light a-shy:
It must be out to shame the sun in sky.

edit: Wow, like my whole friends page is depressing. That sucks.
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