Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

hey cool

[01/04, 02:51] JimBob4554: no, i stopped wanting a love substitute and tried to find love agian
[01/04, 02:51] JimBob4554: again
[01/04, 02:51] JimBob4554: it didnt work
[01/04, 02:52] JimBob4554: obviously
[01/04, 02:52] JimBob4554: but during that time i got really fucked up
[01/04, 02:52] JimBob4554: cuz i reached out and it didnt work
[01/04, 02:52] JimBob4554: hey cool i pinpointed it

k, so i can stop blaming melissa now. sweet. i'm good. go random conversation.

edit: "go random conversation. everything's my fault again."

moredit: but whenever one of my friends cries and i'm actually there in person, a little bit of what i like about me comes out, because i can hold them and get them through it for that moment.
[01/04, 03:10] JimBob4554: i think thats the only part of me that i still like

moran'moredit:[01/04, 03:24] JimBob4554: i want to be able to give myself completely to someone again. i dont really care if i dont accomplish anything with my life if i get that. but i dont trust people enough, and i overanalyze everyone so much that i cant find anyone thats worth it anymore. but i just want to be in love like i used to be, to fall so deeply that i am theirs, that i would do anything for them. i miss obsession, much as it hurt and was depressing.
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