Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,


[01/04, 02:06] BenBenRythmKing: I suck at being vicious in person
[01/04, 02:07] BenBenRythmKing: 'cause there isn't really anybody that I dislike
[01/04, 02:07] BenBenRythmKing: the internet is more detached, though
[01/04, 02:07] JimBob4554: yep
[01/04, 02:07] JimBob4554: its easier to be a jackass online
[01/04, 02:07] JimBob4554: i know that for sure :D
[01/04, 02:08] BenBenRythmKing: haha
[01/04, 02:08] BenBenRythmKing: it's true though
[01/04, 02:08] BenBenRythmKing: I could never be half the jerk I am online if the people were right in front of me
[01/04, 02:08] JimBob4554: i couldn't either
[01/04, 02:08] JimBob4554: ::hugs the net:: thx, net!

edit: If I could live without the net for a while, I would. But every time I withdraw from the net, I get heavily, massively depressed and/or restless. I wonder if they have twelve-steppers for this kinda shit...
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