Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

[01/04, 01:12] Person: I once took count, a while ago.
[01/04, 01:13] Person: at that point, almost 90 percent of the people I was close to wanted to kill themselves
[01/04, 01:13] Person: it was a sobering moment
[01/04, 01:13] Person: better statistics now, admittedly
[01/04, 01:14] JimBob4554: I've noticed that pretty much all teens go through that.
[01/04, 01:14] JimBob4554: So I stopped caring.
[01/04, 01:14] Person: I'm glad for you.
[01/04, 01:14] Person: really, I am.
[01/04, 01:14] JimBob4554: No you're not.
[01/04, 01:14] Person: I can't.
[01/04, 01:14] Person: actually, I am
[01/04, 01:14] Person: you're lucky
[01/04, 01:14] JimBob4554: No, just different.
[01/04, 01:14] JimBob4554: Each has its own problems.
[01/04, 01:14] Person: I wish I could stop caring.
[01/04, 01:14] Person: things would be easier.
[01/04, 01:14] JimBob4554: I wish I could care again. ;) Like I said, each has its own problems.

edit: I would like to point out right now that every time I say anything like that, I exaggerate and skew the truth horribly. Whenever I'm harsh on myself or whatnot, take it with a barrel of salt. It's gotten me in trouble when people took me at my word rather than bothering to look deeper and make their own judgements.
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