Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,


My SAT II sucked. A lot.

Math Level 2 w/Calculator 740 74

Physics 650 47

Writing 690 77

The number at the end is the percentile. Dammit. (Of course, Physics was cheap - we didn't even go over half the stuff on the test in class last year.) I went up 10 points on the writing; down 10 points from Math IC (and down 22% in those 10 points; apparently people do a lot better on the IIC than the IC - likely because only the people really good at math take the IIC).

edit: BTW, I think the reason I'm so upset is because of the percentiles, not the actual scores. The actual scores weren't bad (and Physics couldn't be helped without.. ya know.. actually studying, and I don't do that).
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