Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

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Sorrel -

You can't escape what makes you tragic you know
Vicious cause you want to be
Leaving time possessed to please you
What might have been was never the way you envisioned things
So difficult to stop pretending what's this to you anyway

Turn down the voluptuous
Keeping close to me again
Hold back your virtues
You're fearless in motion

You found your way
So why keep asking me
Nothing common suits you
You live again in solitary
Look away for now beautiful alone
Now who decides to settle down
Maybe nobody really cares
What's this to you anyway

Something dirty's got you dear
Makes me want to be with you
Something painful's with you dear
Makes me want to be with you

You're better off saying nothing
Wish for a happy ending
You're better off saying nothing
Repent so all's forgiven
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