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I just helped an 81-year-old lady pump gas for her car. She was down from Washington - her 85-year-old sister was accompanying her in another car - for her 80-year-old brother's funeral. He died, I think, on Christmas, unexpectedly. They had just recently attended the funeral, and now she has to drive back to Washington alone.

She gave me $10 to put gas on the machine, and I pumped it for her. It stopped at $7.94 - Maybe 5 1/2 gallons (87) - she didn't need the fuel to get back to Washington. I went and got her change; she tried to give me a dollar, but of course I didn't accept it.


I will beat death. There's almost nothing I can't achieve if I go after it.

Now I'm off to work; if you really want to talk to me that badly (which I'm sure all of you do[/sarcasm]), come relieve me of the boredom. Glory Days Grill in the Glen Eagles Shopping Center on Ridgefield - other side of Pump from Tenshi's house.
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