Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

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hiccup.. hiccup.. hiccup..

I lost, but I may have won too. I don't know. I gave up my jester skull necklace, but possibly to a good cause. Hmm....

Gotta convince Sorrel and her parents to have a New Years party. If I can't, gotta convince my parents, but that's a lot less likely. So hopefully Sorrel&co will agree.

Hmm. Should probably go to bed before I think too much. That tends to get me in trouble. (Thinking too much also tends to keep me from good trouble.) Yeah, so.. yeah. Night. ::knit eyebrows::

...Oh, and I'm all bruised and bitten from the night, and a chair fell on my eye so I have a wound. But Snack made out with my neck, so that made up for it, kinda. And it gave me an excuse to whine all night, which is always good. ;)

::scratches head:: Thinking too much. Hrm. Must get camera. Now. Will definitely do that. Tomorrow. :P I hope. ::scratches head::
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