Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

We are the best.

Yes, Kendall, Melissa, Erin, and I are the best. Not only did we get our class the cake by winning most humorous, we also won the activity in class today. There were 3 pages of a Test of Genius that we worked in groups of 4 (or 3) on - couldn't go to the second till you finished the first, and same with the third. The other four groups all got to the second page and finished some; we got to the third page and finished the whole thing (with time to spare). We are the geniuses. We are the best. Not that it was ever in doubt.

edit: Oh yeah, and we got them all right. Not just that we finished them.

Apparently Coach Kreisa was telling fifth period about us. Koreka's group got 28; lots of groups in fifth period got to the third page. Though we are still the best. ::wonders if any other group finished all of them::

moredit: Tenshi's group in fifth got 30 as well.
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