Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

::laughs and laughs; bites fist::

"What do you think of Affirmative Action?"
"I think that the only reason why we have such a ridiculous policy is because most minority people just can't compete well on a truly level playing field."

Ouch! ::laughs:: That's hilarious! (And no, that's not the answer that I chose; I despise Affirmative Action, but everyone starts out equal in my mind.)

"Do you think the Ten Commandments should be allowed to hang on the walls of federal buildings, such as in courthouses and public schools?"

I have no problem with the Ten Commandments because they are the most basic form of law. If you'll look around the laws of most, if not all, countries, you'll see them in some form or other. Heck, we probably have 500 laws for each Commandment in our set of laws. So why should they be prohibited? I don't see them solely as a religious thing; they're a matter of logic. (And I'll stop there and not get into my views on religion.)

"What is your opinion on racial profiling?"
"I think minorities are more apt to commit crimes, anyway. Search the sorts of people most apt to be criminals, I say."

While this raises a valid point (minorities are indeed more likely to commit crimes), perhaps it is this same view that then causes such a statement to be true? Self-fulfilling prophecies can be a bitch.

GAH! They don't have my opinion (or anything that resembles it) on the topic of homosexuality (as was discussed in a post about half an hour ago).

Where do you fall on the liberal - conservative political spectrum? (United States)

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I am a conservative. That's actually good to know, as I didn't know earlier. :) Now I can answer that question when I am asked it; glad I took the quiz.
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