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It annoys me greatly when people get angry solely because others have different viewpoints than they do and choose to express them. If we all thought alike, would this not be the most boring place?

In particular, the "choice-or-born" gay debate gets on my nerves, because gay people are convinced that they're born gay, likely because they don't want to admit that it might be conditioning. I'm not about to say that they're not born gay - I believe that anything can happen - but if you stop to think about it logically, which is, in my opinion, the best way to analyze anything, you'll notice that there's a good reason for the urges that we have - without them, we wouldn't still be here as a species. Now, considering the fact that, according to science and practical tests, continuation of the species can only come through the mating of males and females (ie. "straight sex"), it seems logical that we are born with urges for that sort of relationship rather than any other, does it not? Now, I'm a lot more willing to give credit to an argument that states that we are born bisexual with strong "straight" tendencies, as that holds better with my logically drawn conclusions.

If you're going to flame me for this - don't. Learn to be a bit more tolerant of other people's viewpoints. You'll notice that I don't go off on screaming rants because I think that you're not seeing something - I'll discuss it calmly and logically. (I find it much more difficult to fend of a properly logical point than I do to fend of a raving lunatic that's foaming at the mouth.) If you have a point, feel free to make it, but be calm and present a good argument for it.

The "gay thing" is just a good example and the most recent, which is why it was shared; my opinion differs greatly from many others, but I wish that people would be more tolerant of other people's opinions and willing to prove them wrong with cold logic rather than sitting around ranting and raving about it. Seriously now, people; I had hoped we'd have grown out of this by high school. By the time you can reason, you should be able to think clearly.
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