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Wow. MIT is harsh. If I go, I'm gonna come in with like.. no credits. I don't even know why I'm taking APs. o_o


KylariStar: they said at the informational meeting that they're only taking chemistry and some other AP test...
KylariStar: i went to MIT this summer
KylariStar: and the meeting for people who want to apply
KylariStar: at one of those, they said that MIT is accepting less AP tests for credits
KylariStar: because the classes are so geared toward the department

Fnuck. I'll pretty much be starting from scratch at MIT. Well damn. I was not expecting that.

::scratches head:: Guess it's worth it, though.. but damn. I'm rather disappointed. Guess I can decide later on, once I figure out where I'm going to go to college, if I'm going to take the APs. I'm probably going to take them regardless because I'm a curious sort, but this really puts a damper on the year.
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