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Oh that is beautiful. Why can't they all be like this?

"Can you imagine reading close to 22,000 application essays? Last year, we did just that. This year, rather than giving you another specific question to answer, we are inviting you to use your imagination. Surprise us. Entertain us. Mind your manners, of course, but make us appreciate your clever and engaging essay. We'll thank you later."

Two pages. I am gonna write a kickass story for this! If only this were a college I wanted to go to, this would be ideal! ::laughs::

edit: tenshi en grey: Hahaha, that's a horrible ending to the greatest monologue...
JimBob4554: I know. XP

Help me with ideas! I need something absolutely beautiful to write about!

(Note: Beautiful is my new "good" word. Wonderful is my bad word. Just to keep things straight for everyone.)
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