Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,


[quote]I think I just bombed my Gov't test.

The multiple choice was easy - I only had trouble with two of them. The fill-in-the-blank was easy as well. The essay (20 pts.) sucked - I put down what I thought was everything, but it was short as all hell; I'll be surprised if I even get half credit for that damn thing. But I didn't know what the hell else to put! And this was on top of a stressful day - I got all the calc homework wrong and was on the edge of tears all period (and still am) from not being able to do it, then I went to the help desk and Chris was out to lunch and normally doesn't install anything during fourth anyway, so I'll have to come back Monday morning (I need TrueBASIC so that I can make some programs to solve a number theory problem we have), and now the test. ::sighs:: This is a crappy day.

Oh, and it started out crappy too! I couldn't find my band shirt hanging in my closet or in any of the boxes in my room this morning, so I drove back to my old house to look in that closet. Wasn't there. Drove back and forth, checking everywhere, twice more (on very low gas - I have about 3/16 of a tank left now), still didn't find it, and went to school. Been keeping my Guard jacket zipped up, which is rather stifling, so that Rita and Abby wouldn't find out and yell at me. >_< We're allowed to wear our Guard jackets over our shirts, so I figure as long as I have that on, it'll be fine.

::sigh:: This is a very crappy day.
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We performed at Patrick Henry, but it was raining very lightly and so we packed it up and went home. Got to see Sorrel and Snack for a little bit, and saw Mandy and Yame for like two seconds. Didn't get to see Patrick Henry's band and guard perform, which I would have really liked. I know the Drum Major of the band. ::shrug::
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