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Woohoo! Homecoming!

Woo! We didn't suck as much as we did last night practicing in headlights and not being able to see the lines on the field! :D Haha, actually, I hear that looked pretty cool - it was taped. I wanna see it! :D

Yeah, I wore a hole in my sock. >_< Dammit. :P But we got to go home after our performance cuz it was like.. wet. XP Yeah! And I don't think we'll have to worry about winning; when we left (after the first half), it was 27-0 Godwin. :D

Okay, so need to remember to take Tenshi somewheres tomorrow morning, then stuff. Yeah! :D

And I got a letter which made my day. ^^; Yay! I think it was from Rita, maybe, not sure, maybe not.. seemingly not.. I dunno. It was from someone (Kendall knows who, of course, dammit). ::shrug::

edit: Oh, and I saw Melissa get into the driver's seat of a car. That's scary. XPPP Selling glowsticks was fun! :D And Slater got a gift box on Gaia right as the bell was ringing to get out of second, damn him! And I need to make a female character to complement my male character, but I can't figure out how to make her or what name to give her. Considering just making Sorrel start up, but she doesn't get on much, so don't think that would work for my guy.
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