Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

Going to Dragoncon! (Maybe?)

Unl8nswallow: that was the weekend before school started
JimBob4554: What is dragoncon?
Unl8nswallow: its a huge con in atlanta....... all kindsa sci/fi, fantasy, anime..... anything fictional
Unl8nswallow: it was SO SWEET
JimBob4554: Man, I wanna go. ;.;
JimBob4554: Atlanta, huh?
JimBob4554: And I'll likely be starting college next time. ;_;!!!
Unl8nswallow: hehe yep. there's one every year in atlanta..... i'm going again next year
Unl8nswallow: it was so insanely fun...... soooo many people.... it filled up two hotels almost completely
JimBob4554: I'll be too busy getting set up for college, likely.
Unl8nswallow: you can spare a weekend.
JimBob4554: Maybe.
Unl8nswallow: trust me. you can spare a weekend for this.
JimBob4554: (I've been to conventions before. ;-) And will be going to more.)
JimBob4554: I'm going to Nekocon in November and AMA4 in June.
Unl8nswallow: not like this one... trust me.... i talked to a lot of people there who go to lotsa cons and they all said that this is the best one they go to.
JimBob4554: Hmm. I'll keep it in mind. (Remind me closer to the time. Like.. beginning of summer ish.)

Anyone else wanna come with? Sounds like tons of fun. :D
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