Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

Late night conversation with Ally

KohakuEnergy: Whoa. A giant flying huggle glomp... That's pretty intense...
JimBob4554: Yep. How are ya?
KohakuEnergy: Good. Tired. Just woke up.
JimBob4554: Morning. :-)
JimBob4554: How's Germany?
JimBob4554: (Bring me back a souvenier. ::cough:: )
KohakuEnergy: Morgen! Alles gut.
JimBob4554: :-)
KohakuEnergy: Of course!
KohakuEnergy: So how's school?
JimBob4554: Uhh, not so hot. ::Shrug:: >.>
KohakuEnergy: Eep.
JimBob4554: Lotsa crap, too much homework, and a lot of stuff that I really feel like not bothering with.
JimBob4554: How bout you?
KohakuEnergy: Lots of German.... LOTS of German. I don't really understand anything but my math class.... And it's all stuff I've already done.
JimBob4554: Hmm.
JimBob4554: Are you progressing in learning German?
KohakuEnergy: ...Yes. ::thinks about it:: Yes. I"m understanding more, I just don't know how to express myself.
JimBob4554: Yeah, that makes sense.
KohakuEnergy: And the little 7th graders I have French with have perfect British accents!!!
JimBob4554: ^^;;
KohakuEnergy: Crazy kids...
JimBob4554: Indeed.
JimBob4554: So how do you get by in your classes?
KohakuEnergy: Oh! I also understand everything in my French class! Act like I'm paying attention, attempt to pay attention, raise my hand when I can and answer in English, and yeah...
JimBob4554: Cool :D
JimBob4554: How do you like your family?
KohakuEnergy: They
JimBob4554: ...are...
JimBob4554: ;-)
JimBob4554: Surely you haven't forgotten conjugations of "to be" already?
KohakuEnergy: They're really nice... But they don't like my boyfriend and don't want me having contact with him.... It's been almost 2 weeks since I've talked to him... And yeah I think he's really confused and probably mad and I just don't know exactly what I'm going to do at the moment. But other than that I really like them. (Hey!!! It's dark in here and my keyboard is black! I'm having difficulty!)
JimBob4554: Ooh, cool, a black keyboard! :D

Why don't they like your boyfriend?
KohakuEnergy: Eh... I'll post later... But now I gotta hop in the shower and get ready for school. Stop being such a distraction!
JimBob4554: Okay, okay. ^^;;
JimBob4554: See ya! :D
KohakuEnergy: Haha. Much love! Later!
JimBob4554: :-)

Yey! ::teh huggle:: Miss her muchly. She needs to come back. ;_;

edit: teh click
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