Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

My essay for the National Merit Scholarship semi-finalist application.

Thought I'd post this up here - comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated, though any suggestions not posted in the next half an hour aren't likely to make it in there.

In your own words, describe your personal characteristics, accomplishments, primary interests, plans, and goals. What sets you apart?

There are tons of people – and I do mean literal tons – that are worthy of recognition for their achievements. Heck, there’s no end to them! Nowadays, it seems that everyone is leader of this, leader of that, on some team or other, on honor roll, and anything else you could imagine. So what makes them different? Used to be that achievements set people apart, but now above average is the norm. So what’s so special about yet another high school student with high PSATs? Not really that much. Except…
I don’t think there are many people in this current bunch of scholars that could claim to be a gamer. I mean a true gamer. What is a gamer, anyway? We hear about people that play video games all the time on the news. But those aren’t real gamers. A gamer plays with paper and pencil, dice and sourcebooks, creating characters, writing stories, and developing his creative talent. He gets excited about creating new worlds or imagining the possibilities for this one. This sets the gamer apart, allows him to excel where others might just be exceptional. A gamer sees what might be for any given situation – he is skilled in looking at a problem from every angle to see what the best solution might be.
And a gamer isn’t afraid to think big. Ridding the world of scum? All in a day’s work. World domination? Piece of cake. Getting through a blockade of vampires and werewolves to get a Big Mac from Burger King? Well, now that might be a bit of a problem, but nothing that a gamer couldn’t handle. But in all seriousness, being a gamer allows for more creative plans and ideas – while grabbing a Desert Eagle, loading it with .50AE caliber ammunition, and setting out to take over the world may not be a very feasible plan, making contacts, earning a bit of money, and slowly taking over some small companies and investing wisely might well lead to some actual power in the world.
And if a gamer ends up in a position of leadership? Even those with heavy training, no matter their field, have tough times when they need to make tough decisions. A military leader deciding whether or not to evacuate a city may be a tough call, but it is likely one that a gamer has had to consider a number of times before he even graduated high school. Gaming – Role Playing, as it is properly called – is intensive, safe training for any situation imaginable – from having to find ways to pay the rent to saving a city from an invading army. And though rolling dice is a vital part of role playing, there is an expression in the gaming community – “Role play, don’t roll play.” The best gamers are able to take any situation and consider it from a completely realistic perspective, seeing the results of any action and taking the time to think ahead before making a decision.
So take a chance, roll the dice – give a gamer the opportunity to excel a little and see where his wings will take him. With a gamer, you can be sure that there won’t be any hesitance to go out and try to make the most of “Life, the Universe, and Everything.”
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