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We got an offer on our house; actually this is the second. We countered again; I think that, if the closing cost issue can be decided so that both sides are decently happy, we're gonna have our house sold. And they want the closing on October 25, so we don't even have to rent the house before moving!

The hurricane looks like it's coming straight this way; the center's coming right for Richmond. ^^;

I missed a third of Guard today to go to the English book discussion, which was a ton of fun (and I got free cookies and drink ^^;;), but I'm gonna have to catch up with what happened. ;.;

Character stuff is going fun. XP Though I wish I had a decent amount of time so that I could write my character up and be done with it. (Planning on having about 30-50 pages of stuff, but a lot of it will be description/bio of his relatives.)

There was something else, but now I don't remember. Oh well!

EDIT: Keep up with my other journal:
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