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Game was postponed until tomorrow due to rain. Because Auman understand that a lot of us already had plans, and he also had plans that he can't get out of, there won't be a performance tomorrow. And that meant cancelled practice today as well.

Was going to go to a party at Jim's; Sorrel called (she had heard that the game was cancelled - how, I'm not sure) and invited me over for later tonight. Since they won't be home till likely at least 8, I'm still gonna go to the party for a bit then make my way to her house. See who I wanna invite at the party to the movie (though I doubt many will come, but still wanna invite them).

Gonna bring d20 stuff to Sorrel's house. I convinced my mom to tack an hour onto how late I can stay out, so I have to be home by midnight, which means I have to leave Sorrel's by 11:15.

I'm enjoying this greatly. Would like to spend time with lots of band people, but also would like to spend time with Sorrel.. Should be getting a bit of both. :)

EDIT: Can't believe I forgot about this. Spent half an hour to 45 minutes after school explaining/debating stuff about CT, which I'm not even a party of anymore. But I posted a controverial answer to a question, so it was fun and started debate/argument. :P Was much fun to explain this stuff - I live for that kind of thing - but now my throat is slightly dead. :)

morEDIT: JBlade8915: and when are you leaving the party?
JimBob4554: I'm not sure. When I get a phone call from Sorrel.
JBlade8915: ah
JBlade8915: why?
JimBob4554: So that I can go spend time with her.
JBlade8915: ya bum...
JBlade8915: ya lucky lucky bum
JimBob4554: I am.
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