Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

"Life is short. Play naked."

Drove around for about an hour and a half looking for poker chips - no such luck. Walmart and Target were out (obviously, the band kids had already visited), Toys 'R' Us doesn't carry them.. I drove down Patterson for quite some time looking for the card shop that I remember being down there somewhere, but couldn't find it.. on the way back, saw a store that looked like it might have some, but they closed at 8 (it was about 8:50).. from there, took some weird route to get home - surprised I made it home without having to turn around, but I did. Need to talk to Monkey - saw him buying poker chips a while ago - but, of course, he's not on. I did my best - if I get details, there wasn't much I could do to prevent it. Last orders I had heard, we were to leave our chips on the field, so .. ::shrug::

From now on, Guard will stay another 2 hours on Tuesdays so that we can get some time with Mr. Mitchell (yes!!), and we'll get Thursdays off. Which is cool, 'cept that we don't get to practice the day before the performance. :P

Had dinner at Sushi Bay. Was good. ^^ Has been added to my mental list of places to take Sorrel.

Bought some stuffs at Walmart - paper plates for Mom, a couple other things. Yip.

New bumper sticker - "I do what my GM tells me."

EDIT: Abby called and left a voicemail (Mom was on the phone) - this week will be normal. I guess next week will start the new schedule.
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