Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

Weird people.

JimBob4554: Anyway, you still need to come out sometime.
JimBob4554: Though, that means I need to organize stuff again. So how's November for you?
Integraye t: i'm not in the closet, sweetie
Integraye t: ::rolls eyes:: why do people think i'm bi?
Integraye t: just 'cause i'm fun... ::dramatic sigh::
JimBob4554: Actually, I meant come out to Richmond...
Integraye t: riiiight
Integraye t: lol
JimBob4554: ...o_0
JimBob4554: Freak.
Integraye t: ::scoff::
JimBob4554: ::contemn::
JimBob4554: Anyway, you need to come out to Richmond sometime (genius).

kidjapan2010: damn it now i wanna do sumthin again
JimBob4554: ::hands him an inflatable doll::
kidjapan2010: damn it not like that
kidjapan2010: i jus wanna ride around
JimBob4554: ::hands him an inflatable horse::
JimBob4554: (There are some freaky people in this world.)
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