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Tonight. :D

Secret Pal gifts are fun. :P

The game went absolutely smashingly (minus the whole losing 28-6 thing); I had a ton of fun, and I only made one mistake - we've improved a LOT since last Friday. The stuff in the stands was a blast, and free pizza is always good. ^^ Afterward, as everyone in the band that can stay out breaks up to go to various restaurants, a bunch (::thinks:: A total of .. like, 21) of us went to Glory Days (not my idea :P - Cary's); Jim said that it was the new tradition, forget Friendly's. :P It was fun, though we stayed longer than it was worth, monetarily (now I can see that side of things). Still, it was fun, and I left a nice tip (though I didn't have a big check, but I left about 100% because I made her run around - I was in between 4 different tables).

Have about 400 pages to read this weekend (or spark notes), and I gotta "take" (read: paraphrase off sparknotes) some notes on the main stuff so that I can use it for the test on Monday. Sunday should be fun. ^^

Tonight, not gonna do any work - didn't bother to bring my stuff in from the trunk. Just wanna relax. :) It was a good night. Though slightly chilly. :P
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