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Ugh. Sucks.

Had a headache all afternoon; went away during most of Guard, then came back.

[Just ate (and drank a hell of a lot of apple juice); head no longer hurts.]

Morning classes are good, though I haven't had English yet; I think we start Early Bird tomorrow. Fifth period (AP Gov't) is grossly unbalanced - 23 girls to 7 guys. And I don't have any friends in there, nor anyone that I would like to be friends with (except possibly for Alex); in fact, I dislike, or rather have a distaste for, most of the people in that class. However, though the teacher looks like a giant chicken and reminds me of a cartoon I used to watch, she is funny and intelligent and I like her a lot. :) So it's not all bad. Sixth period (Business Law) looks like it's gonna suck a lot, but Slater liked it last year, so we'll see how it goes. Seventh period (Elementary Number Theory/Intro to Probability) should be fun; Dr. Lamb is awesome and I have cool people in my class. Dunno how everything's gonna work out there, but should be cool.

With school, Guard, homework, work, applying to colleges, and applying for applications, I don't think I'll have any time for anything at all. Heck, I don't think I'll have time for the stuff on that list! [Don't expect any campaigns out of me anytime soon - I don't have time to GM/DM anything. I still plan on running those 2 games, and I'll try to participate in other people's stuff, but I may end up dropping campaigns altogether. Though, even if I drop campaigns for the year, I'll still try to participate in Jeff's, as that would give me time with Sorrel, and if Slater lets Afton and I finish our campaign, then I'll do my best to run that as well.] We'll see how things go, but if I have to drop things, Guard will probably be first to go. I'll be very sorry to see it go, but honestly, it's a gigantic drain on my time. Without Guard, it seems that I would have ample time for everything that I need and even some free time for things that I want. Parents suggested dropping Guard while we were talking about my possible problems with time - yeah, they still don't like it, but they said that I didn't have to worry about the fact that we'd be losing money if I dropped, which was my main concern about even mentioning dropping Guard. So, if I need to, I have that option and will not incur the wrath of my parents for making them waste money, nor have to pay them back the money that they spent.

For now, though, will try to make it all work out. What I'm worried will suffer is applications to colleges and for scholarships, and those are very important.

Gonna go with Mom to pick up some supplies for school. Love you all.

EDIT: I have 8 classes, half of which are AP and one of which is taught through the television. Just in case you were wondering what my load was like.
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