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Got home a little later than I expected, but had no trouble, and Jeff followed me back. Going to Rick's booster draft tomorrow at noon, and possibly going to dinner at Sorrel's grandparents' tomorrow evening. Those two will pretty much eat up my Sunday, but I'm gonna try to get in as much reading as possible, and I'm gonna be spending Monday locked away from people (except for going to Tenshi's to see King Lear, which is part of my summer reading) to get as far as possible. If I actually finish everything (unlikely, since I still have to track down one of the plays.. maybe I'll find it online?..), I will be very, very pleased and ready for for the start of school. :) And a lot less stressed, since that's really the only thing that I have to do. Once I get that finished, I can work on my n00b game and then the PK game.

Happy birthday, Sorrel! Yes, I know that today's not your birthday, but I just got home from your birthday party, so there.

The party itself was good, though I'm fairly certain that Trin got a call telling her that a family member died (the signs were easily readable, especially considering I had the same thing happen recently), and Snack was missing Katie. Other than that, I was happy for most of the time; had a bit of down time during which I got to talk to Raleigh, which was good as well - I like down time as long as I can have serious conversations with friends.

Sorrel and I.. well, that's another story altogether. ;) I'm not sure.... I don't know. Whatever. Come what will; we'll see how things work out. Blargh, I hate trying to walk a fine line when I don't even know where that line is or should be. Still trying to relearn how to deal with relationships. >_<

Guess.. that's pretty much it. Gonna go read some of my summer reading and then get some sleep.

EDIT: Imported Megami: Ahh, I miss you Kev.
JimBob4554: I miss me too.
JimBob4554: I need to get better aim. ::plays with revolver::
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