Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,


JBlade8915: dude, I think you and I should start that work out thing we talked about a while back
JBlade8915: I'm starting to become less and less in shape and its bugging the hell out of me. I know I won't be able to keep up s work out regiment alone
JBlade8915: yello?
JimBob4554: hmm..
JimBob4554: Thought we decided to do that after school started?
JimBob4554: Cuz.. ya know.. no time.
JBlade8915: we may have... I have a crappy memory. But we do need to do it
JimBob4554: Wow. Between Guard, DDR, and exercise, I'm gonna be in some sort of shape. And I'll need to start eating more.
JimBob4554: Cuz I have a fast metabolism, that will become faster, and I'll be burning calories by the thousands..
JBlade8915: I live for the day when I can say that
JBlade8915: last statement of the first message
JimBob4554: I.. just wanna get healthy.
JBlade8915: ??
JimBob4554: Which is actually more eating right than anythign else.
JimBob4554: anything*
JBlade8915: I know, I was just making a crack about my weight
JBlade8915: or was that just shooting off onto a tangent
JimBob4554: (I know.) But, my mom said that she'd pay for any healthy stuff I stacked my fridge with when we moved, so.. I'm gonna try to only have healthy snacks. Or mostly.
JimBob4554: It was a tangeant.
JBlade8915: my hope is that by Febuary, I'll be cut
JBlade8915: I mean of course, little fat
JimBob4554: Yeh.
JimBob4554: My hope is that I'll be away from eating junk.
JimBob4554: ::looks down at open package of oreos at feet::
JimBob4554: >.> ::slides them away::

ShortiePinay (2:00:45 AM): iits not even our anniversary
ShortiePinay (2:00:49 AM): we're not together
ShortiePinay (2:00:49 AM): whatever
jsbwithfatcake (2:01:04 AM): actually it is
jsbwithfatcake (2:01:14 AM): anniversary, if you take it apart in latin
jsbwithfatcake (2:01:32 AM): comes from annus
jsbwithfatcake (2:01:34 AM): which is year/yearly
jsbwithfatcake (2:01:45 AM): (which is why I make fun of people when they have monthly anniversaries)
jsbwithfatcake (2:01:55 AM): so just because we're not together doesn't mean its not our anniversary
jsbwithfatcake (2:02:09 AM): every August 20th, for the rest of our lives will be our anniversary
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