Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

Ite Senshi: do you know how to RP?
JimBob4554: I do. What kind of RPing are you talking about?
Ite Senshi: any kind
Ite Senshi: I'm just bored
JimBob4554: ::chuckle::
Ite Senshi: what can you rp?
JimBob4554: Define your question better; I'm seeing a number of ways to interpret that.
Ite Senshi: What do you like to RP?
JimBob4554: That didn't clarify it any.
Ite Senshi: Oi
Ite Senshi: how is it unclear?
JimBob4554: What precisely are you asking? Use as many words as possible.
Ite Senshi: If you are interested in RolePlaying with me that would be wonderful. If we role play what story line would you like to use? Would you care for a medievil one, sci fi, modern?
JimBob4554: Thank you. That answers a number of questions.

I prefer archaic to modern or future. Not necessarily fully archaic, but at least mostly; not too far into modern.
Ite Senshi: define archaic?
JimBob4554: Then again, I don't like AIM RPing in general.

Archaic = fantasy.
Ite Senshi: oh
Ite Senshi: would you rather Chat room?
JimBob4554: That is AIM.
Ite Senshi: oh
Ite Senshi: okay
JimBob4554: I prefer either real gaming or board RPing; I realize that there's some merit in IM/Chat RPing, but it just seems crude to me.
Ite Senshi: okay fair enough
JimBob4554: Have you ever gamed?
Ite Senshi: I'm not sure. Define it and I'll tell you
JimBob4554: An RPG. Paper and pencil, character sheet, dice, a DM/GM..
JimBob4554: Snacks. Carrots.
Ite Senshi: no
Ite Senshi: I hate dice

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