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Conversations (ie. more spam)

TsubasaNoSubaru: I'm sorry
JimBob4554: Haha, I was pushing you; don't apologize.
TsubasaNoSubaru: No
TsubasaNoSubaru: You're right
JimBob4554: I know I'm right.
JimBob4554: I also know that misunderstandings are natural and commonplace.
TsubasaNoSubaru: I'm sorry... I love you... thank you for understanding even though I'm selfish
JimBob4554: ::chuckle:: Everyone's selfish. You're less selfish than most, and I've been trying to make you more.
JimBob4554: Besides, Wizard's First Rule - People will believe what they want to be true, or what they fear is.
JimBob4554: You were looking for the best possible interpretation of her words; you found it. It was mistaken, but it was a possible interpretation.
JimBob4554: Knowing how most situations work, it was a probable one. You have to take into account the speciality of this situation, though.
JimBob4554: Slater is Slater.
JimBob4554: And I'm slowly turning into him, by answering "Mmh" and "Indeed" to almost everything.
TsubasaNoSubaru: the lyrics
JimBob4554: What about them?
JimBob4554: Don't take everything so personally, Tenshi.
JimBob4554: They're lyrics.
TsubasaNoSubaru: right
JimBob4554: Besides, I had more to deal with than just you. Sorrel's going through shit as well.
TsubasaNoSubaru: shoot...

SorchanDHB: oh, did I mention that my parents are considering letting me into a car with you behind the wheel?
JimBob4554: Jeff and I figured that that would happen eventually.
SorchanDHB: they're currently trying to figure out how to test your driving
SorchanDHB: ::rolls eyes::
JimBob4554: Good precaution.
JimBob4554: Not sure that it would reinforce a decision to let you in. ;-)
SorchanDHB: yes, but they're not able to come up with anything
SorchanDHB: ::laughs::
JimBob4554: Have them tail me somewhere.
JimBob4554: That I know how to get to but they don't.
SorchanDHB: ::laughs:: how many places can you actually get to without getting lost?
JimBob4554: Quite a few.
SorchanDHB: ::laughs:: I'm sure
JimBob4554: "It's not that smart people don't make mistakes, it's that they don't make the same mistake twice."
SorchanDHB: just couldn't resist teh urge to comment
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