Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

Weird people.

Ite Senshi: by the way. You ARE hot, no matter what you think.
JimBob4554: o.0
Ite Senshi: Sor-chan said you think you're not
JimBob4554: Brb.
JimBob4554: ::goes to check mirror::
JimBob4554: ::back::
JimBob4554: I'm decent.
Ite Senshi: jeeze
Ite Senshi: My own mother was saying how cute you were
JimBob4554: ::giggle::
Ite Senshi: guys don't giggle!
JimBob4554: ... You have no idea how much I hate hearing that.

Teys Daeton: Here is a main reason why I want a Mac.
Teys Daeton:
JimBob4554: @.@
Teys Daeton: One-piece screen.
JimBob4554: Very. Nice.
JimBob4554: TsubasaNoSubaru: saw an Alienware laptop in Newsweek on a list of cool college gear, though, and thought of you
JimBob4554: XPPPPPP
Teys Daeton: hehe
Teys Daeton: .
Teys Daeton: Howabout a laptop with a 17" screen?
JimBob4554: I want an Alienware laptop.
Teys Daeton: whysat?
JimBob4554: Cuz it should hopefully run well, and it's pretty and I can brag that I have an Alienware laptop.
Teys Daeton: hehehe.
Teys Daeton: Alienware isn't bad. If you're going non-mainstream, I'd go Falcon Northwest. Or whatever their name is.
JimBob4554: That would be the one.
Teys Daeton:
JimBob4554: I think you sent me here before.
Teys Daeton: Probably.
JimBob4554: Ouu.
JimBob4554: Haha, good prices.
Teys Daeton: Yahyah. Heck yeah.
JimBob4554: Very pretty.
Teys Daeton: Verrry Pretty.
JimBob4554: I'll definitely be taking this into consideration.
Teys Daeton: *gawks at the possible G5 specs* Does anyone need 8 GB of RAM?!
JimBob4554: @.@
JimBob4554: I wouldn't mind........
Teys Daeton: Noo! You don't need it! Period~!
Teys Daeton: Ahh!
JimBob4554: No kidding I don't need it. That's the point!
JimBob4554: lol
Teys Daeton: Erff.
Teys Daeton: Heehee. Check it out.
JimBob4554: Holy shit that becomes expensive.
JimBob4554: $12,163.95 Yowsa!
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