Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

"Just because you're not smart enough to understand me

doesn't mean you can't be humble enough to appreciate me."

I hear tomorrow's going to be the hottest day of summer. Woohoo! Go band camp!

Stuff was worse today; hotter, longer.. less breaks. Meh. Oh well.. ^^; Came home, showered, and went out to dinner (quite a bit later than my parents had wanted; we kept Bobby and his family waiting).

From dinner:

Eleanor, to Mom: "That's why you never question a woman."
Me, to Alex: "That's why you never question a woman to her face."
Mom, to us: "What did you say?"
Alex: "Nothing."
Alex and I cracked up; that was too perfect.

Thanks to Jason, I got switched to 11-4 on Saturday for work, so now I'll be able to make it to Sorrel's party without any problems. Awesomeness.

I gotta see when I'm working next month; I wanna take Jeff and Nanashi (and others) out to (early) dinner for their birthdays.

I finished my actual character sheet for Jeff's campaign. Whoo. Gotta do the writeups, but those can wait till after I finish my stuff for school. And I'll have to make the n00b game sometime as well; I wanna hold that end of September/early October. ::looks at calendar:: Aiming for the 5th for the n00b game and the 19th for my PK game.
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