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Campaign cancelled.

BluCandyChan: Oh, and if Slater doesn't play in this game, I'm not running it.
BluCandyChan: So tell him to play.
JimBob4554: ...
JimBob4554: this game = our campaign?
BluCandyChan: Yes.
JimBob4554: Again, like I said - if you quit, I want all the notes.
JimBob4554: I'm not putting in this much effort for nothing.
BluCandyChan: Then get Slater to play.
BluCandyChan: My books.
JimBob4554: I can do without the books.
BluCandyChan: Anything made off of them, though.
JimBob4554: Most of the stuff we made, we made at B&N.
BluCandyChan: Just because I'm pissed at Slater, so hell if I care if other people suffer.
BluCandyChan: Yeah, well, I wrote up most of it.
BluCandyChan: And any of my ideas, I don't want you using if I don't run this.
BluCandyChan: So like I said... talk Slater into playing... or... well, you'll have to re-do a lot of stuff.
BluCandyChan: I know I'm being a total bitch, but I don't want my efforts wasted and then used in a game.
JimBob4554: Go to hell, Afton. We had an agreement - you don't do this, I get the stuff we worked on so that I could do what we planned.

You don't want your efforts wasted? I don't want mine wasted by an immature little girl that can't get past the fact that nobody cares about her little temper tantrums. Know why people get annoyed by you? Because you're so self-centered that you can't for a minute stop to think about other people. I put a lot of effort into this game, and I knew that Slater would fuck it up. I'm not putting more in now that you've shown me that I can't trust you.


If she runs it on her own, then it's not cancelled. But I'm not going to deal with this shit. I put too much effort into it, and I'm not putting more into it if I have to worry about this shit.

EDIT: Oh, and Afton - if you still plan on running the campaign, feel free to use my ideas. I, for one, care more about the campaign than I do about petty squabbling.
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