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Chatting? Don't think so.

JimBob4554: I don't IM people just to talk.
JimBob4554: Ever.
JimBob4554: It annoys me when people do that to me.
JimBob4554: If I have something to say, I say it. I don't start with "Hi" or whatnot unless I wanna ask a favor.
BluCandyChan: I know. Gah, Ben Terry's always like "hi."
BluCandyChan: And I'm like, "Hi."
BluCandyChan: And he's like "sup" and I'm like "...nothing. You?" And he's like "same"
BluCandyChan: And that's it
BluCandyChan: It drives me nuts.
JimBob4554: ditto
JimBob4554: ie. i get that a lot from lots of people
JimBob4554: its very stupid
JimBob4554: why waste the energy to im someone if you're not gonna talk?
BluCandyChan: I know!

edit: so as not to make another post and waste more room, I'll just put this link here.
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