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I win!

Well, S.W.A.T. was very good, liked the end, and hanging out with people was fun. Very glad that Eric came - was awesome to talk to him. He's great, he really is.

The Q94 van and another station's van were outside.. Q94 was giving away poptarts, shirts, CDs, posters.. I wanted some poptarts! :P So I got into the crowd, feeling stupid, and, of course, the guy says, "Well, I gotta get out of here." So I assume no poptarts for me. Walk with Tenshi and Ryuu down a bit, where their parents are sitting. (Which reminds me - Sorrel and Rae, you're coming into town on Friday, for movies at movies, my house, or Tenshi's house. So clear that with your folks. ^^) When I went back, there was one mother with a buncha kids outside the van, and the guy was still looking for things to give them, so I asked if he had any poptarts left. So now I have some Hot Fudge Sundae poptarts - limited edition stuff. :DDD Gonna try them soon, prolly. ^^

Welp, that's about it. The night ended very early. Only 6 people (including myself) came to the movie, but it was good.
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