Madcap (zimdanen) wrote,

We're through two songs. Half. There are four songs. This is never going to end..

The movie is at 7 tonight; be a little early, please.

I had fun, though, around 2:15, cuz I was idly considering the routine that we were practicing while marching, and I noticed that in one place, you can spin the other way. Asked Mr. Mitchell about it, and he played with it and liked it - it's easier. Rita and Abby didn't like it. ^^;; It was fun to see them talk.

Umm, yeah. Need to figure out what to do on Friday. Something.. but what? Maybe another movie; dunno. I'm not good with ideas; almost everything I organize is a movie of some sort.

Mmh. I wanna go test to see if I can get to Sorrel's house without getting lost now. Purely in the name of experimentation, you see. ^_~
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