June 23rd, 2007



I not only lost a thousand lines of code just now, I also lost my entire fucking to-do list.

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<AesteroidBlues> what is it about every ninja gaiden game that makes it so it has to be IM-FUCING-POSSIBLE
<Ph33rESP> because ninjas gots to do intense fucking difficult shit
<Ph33rESP> thats why they're ninja
<Ph33rESP> if everything was easy then it would be called business major gaiden

<@HEMI> I got in a car accident on the way home from work.
<@HEMI> I rear-ended someone.
<@HEMI> Guy gets out of his car; I get out of mine. He's a dwarf.
<@HEMI> We're sitting there waiting for the police to arrive and he goes, "I'm not happy."
<@HEMI> I said, "so which one are you?"

--> hindenburg (~ash@cloaked.rr.com) has joined #overclockers
<a474645> hindenburg like the german zeppelin disaster?
<hindenburg> what can i say
<hindenburg> blimpin aint easy